Migrate to Singapore

According to the ninth edition of HSBC Holdings Plc’s annual Expat Explorer report in 2061, Singapore has been rated as the best country to live, work and raise a family abroad. In other words, Singapore always tops the list of “destinations of international migrants” when people are considering migrating to other parts of the world to start a new chapter of their life. But what attracts people to migrate to Singapore? Here’s a breakdown of why Singapore is one of the favorite destinations of international migrants.

Career advancement

Singapore has one of the best higher education systems in the world with a highly-skilled workforce. This is indeed the key factor that asserts its position as the hub of talents in the region, which has created tonnes of job opportunities with a better prospect, which are always in line with the fast-growing economy.

Strong economy

Singapore is often referred as the Switzerland of Asia due to its strong economy. Its strategic geography in the region and great connectivity with neighboring countries have further cemented its position as the financial hub in Southeast Asia and one of the important financial hubs in Asia. It’s the ideal avenue to tap into other Asia markets and this has attracted many foreign investments into the country.

Business Friendly Ecosystem

The government-pro business environment, tax benefits, low tax rates and the ease of doing business are among the factors that contribute to attract people to live, work and setup business in Singapore. In Singapore, only earnings are taxed. The capital gains, dividends, and bank interest are exempted from tax. Singapore doesn’t tax any overseas earnings either.

Quality of Life

Singapore is very well-known of its stable political environment, low crime rates, low corruption, world-class education system as well as the good climate. It’s sometimes called the expat-friendly city-state because the country has the policies that welcome foreigners to live comfortably in the city.



Migrate to Australia

There are many reasons to migrate to Australia.


The chance to be a part of a multicultural land with breathtakingly beautiful scenery, numerous career opportunities, excellent education, healthcare, security and more. This is what awaits you and your family when you migrate to Australia.Out of 188 countries, Australia measures at #2 in the United Nations (UN) Human Development Index (HDI) (2016) which signifies the excellent healthcare, education and standard of living in Australia.



According to the Economic Survey of Australia in 2017 by OECD, Australia’s economy has had a remarkable 25 consecutive years of output growth reflecting strong macroeconomic policies, structural reforms and a high gross domestic product per capita.

Australia is a member of major international and regional organizations, including the United Nations, the Group of 20, the World Trade Organization, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Commonwealth of Nations and Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.



Australia has one of the lowest air pollution levels in the world with golden sandy beaches, deserts, mountains and tropical rain forests. There are over 500 national parks in Australia and 14 world heritage sites.



Provided you meet the criteria set out in law, Australia’s Migration Programme does not discriminate on the basis of race or religion, which means anyone from any country, can apply to migrate. It is an immigrant friendly nation and facilitates an easy way to migrate to Australia. It is also one of the nations where the individuals have the easiest way to get permanent residency in Australia.

Every year Australia’s cultural diversity is celebrated on Harmony Day, March 21. Harmony Day is about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone.



Australia has a very low unemployment rate and encourages work visa applications from skilled workers and facilitates skilled migration to Australia. An aspirant skilled worker for Australia migration is awarded points for his skills and capabilities under Australia immigration point calculator. Australia skilled migration points play a key factor in immigrating to Australia for job opportunities.

The minimum wage in Australia is $17.29 AUD an hour, which is higher than the minimum wage in UK (£6.70) and USA ($7.25). Australia also encourages a healthy work-life balance by ensuring that full-time workers work no more than an average of 38 hours a week.

Migrate to Malaysia

Reasons to Migrate to Malaysia


  • Malaysia is it’s one of the cheapest countries in the world, actually, on par with the costs in Thailand or the Philippines. Property prices are among the most undervalued in Asia. In fact, at roughly $1,400 per square meter, property in Malaysia is cheaper than just about everywhere else in Asia with the exception of Indonesia.


  • Malaysia is safe. It’s one of the most multicultural countries in the world where Islam, Buddhism, Christianity, and Hinduism all coexist peacefully and respectfully. Crime is extremely low, and violent crime is virtually unheard of, especially involving foreigners.


  • Rights for foreign asset ownership are quite strong in Malaysia, unlike much of the region. In Thailand and Vietnam, for example, it’s quite tricky for foreigners to own property. In Malaysia, there is only a minimum pricing threshold set by each state, above which foreigners can own property.


  • Rental prices are also quite low, as are standard living costs– Malaysia is rich in agricultural resources, so high quality food is cheap and plentiful; additionally, the government subsidizes gasoline with its oil revenues, so petrol only runs around $2/gallon.